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OTN has a responsive work force and a wide range of professional servibuy research paper online online essay writersces, based on a thorough understanding of the construction and property related market.

These specialist services include:

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  1. Quantity Surveying;
  2. Project Management; and
  3. Feasibility Studies.

Whether services involve Quantity Surveyors, Project Managers or Development Consultants, OTN places great emphasis on the value of teamwork, integrity, honesty and professional diligence and, cave by its personnel. From the initial planning to project completion, there are strong interactions among our staff whose collective contributions are effectively co-ordinated by a senior partner. In this way, the partner can keep in touch with the staff and personally involved in all projects that the firm undertakes.


  • Professionally staff
    Most of our staff have at least 5 years of working experience and are professionally qualified.

  • Experience
    More than 28 years of working experience in Singapore.

  • Track Record
    A good track record, which is demonstrated by a large number of repeat clients, many of whom have also engaged us on multiple projects.

  • Pro-active Services
    A philosophy of a proactive approach exists and is implemented throughout the company.

  • Understanding
    We are patient, we listen to our client’s needs and adopt the best approach.

  • Quality
    Operate ISO 9001 Quality Assured procedures.

  • Teamwork
    We exhibit understanding and recognition for strength in involving others to work as team, combining both individual skills and expertise to produce quality.

  • “Go The Extra Mile”
    In addition to our core areas of Quantity Surveying, we have the capability in offering many complementary services.

Quantity Surveying

The Quantity Surveyor of OTN has the capability to:

  • prepare preliminary estimates based on the design concept and make revisions to the estimates in accordance to changes in project requirements.
  • prepare a cost plan on completion of the outline and design, to enable the developer to budget for his expenditure at an early stage.
  • prepare the particulars, such as specifications, bills of quantities and schedule of rates for obtaining competitive quotes from Contractors.
  • advise on the contractual arrangements to be adopted for the project in respect to the main contract and sub-contracts such as security deposits, tender bid bonds, insurance and the like.
  • advise on the selection of Contractors and Specialist Sub-Contractors.
  • invite, evaluate and negotiate tenders.
  • assess the value of the work done for the purpose of progress payment certificate as building operations proceed.
  • report to the Client, through the Architect on the financial effect of alterations ordered or proposed from time to time, when required.
  • provide contractual advice during the course of the project.
  • prepare the final accounts for the project, on the basis which the Architect certifies final payment.

Other related services include:

  • assessing replacement values for insurance.
  • providing expert evidence in arbitrations and disputes

Project Management

Modern management of a development project requires an up-to-date knowledge of design, efficiency, construction techniques, marketing and cost controls. Proper application of the principles of project management ensures that the development will be completed within the allocated time frame and budgeted costs.

Project management in OTN is a professional approach in the co-ordination of all the skills necessary to identify and achieve the clients’ or employers’ objectives and to attain successful accomplishment of the developments.

The relationship between the Project Manager and his principal is clearly defined from the start. As he represents the Client or Employer, his role is therefore that of a leader and co-ordinator of the development team. It is important that he shows understanding and respect to the disciplines of the respective members of the team but it is undesirable if he personally fulfils any of the individual functions. Where the services of other professional consultants with particular skills are required, he will be required to enlist such assistance.

Being trained and experienced, the personnel of the Project Management Team of the firm are closely involved in the construction industry and are well aware of the various aspects of building costs, valuation, investment potentials, land utilisation, marketing and management of completed buildings.

As Project Managers, we would include in our brief, the following duties and responsibilities:

  • definition of objectives.
  • preparation of economic and viability studies, taking into account prevailing and future market conditions,  and if appropriate marketing requirements and arrangement of finance.
  • co-ordination of the design process and the obtaining of the necessary consents.
  • monitoring progress of building works and execute regular reviews on the construction and financial status of the project; and providing input in the drawing up of an overall marketing plan and management of the completed development.

 Feasibility Study

A rational approach towards ensuring the success of a development project must require economic and financial appraisals to be carried out before and during the concept stage. These exercises enable the developer to establish his objectives. Thereafter, it will be necessary for these appraisals to be reviewed and up-dated at regular intervals.

The vital areas covered in a feasibility study shall include:

  • its capacity analysis to determine the design concept and optimum envelop of the building structure(s).
  • surveys to determine market trends in supply and demand and the capital growth rates in the industry.
  • market studies to ascertain the marketability and viability of the proposed development.
  • Financial appraisals to determine the total development costs, capital structure, loan requirement, the estimated profit margin or investment return arising from undertaking the proposed development.